Director Generator, World Trade Organization visit to Federal Ministry of Women Affairs

Mar 17, 2021News

Director-General, World Trade Organization Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala live in the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs this morning, 17th March 2021. Dishing out trade policies, aids for trade on how it will be extended to help women.

She expresses concern about the wrong notion about girl-child, which discourage women from sending their children to school, and that often leads to an increase in early girl marriage. She urged the government to initiate the safe school guard. She also pleaded with bandits to leave our children alone.

She spoke on e-commerce that can assist female owned entrepreneurs already trading on the internet. She noted that it is one of the areas she will concentrate on. She noted that she looks forward to working with all women and promise to do her best as she represents the country and the world at large.