PAN AFRICAN YOUNG WOMEN DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (PAYWODI) is a non-governmental advocacy and action organisation for the all round empowerment of young women across Africa with special focus on the less privileged driven by inspirational and visionary leadership.

Young Women are a vital part of the world especially for procreation and immense contributions to the world’s general development and advancement.

General speaking, the basic nature of women is complex and complicated especially for the poor and less privileged young women. These categories of women require special attention and care to enable them grow into responsive and responsible adulthood.

However, experience have shown that not adequate consideration and attention are not been given to younger women in the much advocated socio-economic and political empowerment of women.

PAYWODI recognises young women as a special interest group (SIG) who are marginalized and most often, rarely given a platform to voice their priorities and make contributions to Nation Building and to the achievements of MDGs.

The philosophy of PAYWODI is borne of out of the vulnerability and unique challenges of young women arising from the challenges of negligence, debilitating hunger and pervasive poverty and most importantly the gross lack of socially inclusive opportunities that add value to life and make existence meaningful.

PAYWODI recognises that among many other challenges of young women are:

a)      Isolation from established women’s rights organizing;
b)      Lack of funding for young women-led projects or organizations;
c)       Little or no access to information resources;
d)      Few opportunities to access the experiences of others;
e)       Limited access to agenda-setting and decision-making spaces.

It is for these gaps that PAYWODI is established to develop an appropriate advocacy agenda and actions to promote the rights of young women and create opportunities and spaces for them to express themselves and to be heard through social mobilisation, education and communication of young women and create opportunities for their socioeconomic empowerment at all levels.
1. PAYWODI participants from Ghana, Togo, Sierre Leone, The Gambia and Togo during the conferment ceremony of His Excellency Prof. YahyaJammeh as the PATRON of PAYWODI
2. The immediate past speaker of the Gambia National Assembly Hon. FatoumattaJahumpaCeesay
3. The Founder/President of PAYWODI MsJophiaNankerGupar and Her Excellency, the vice president of The Gambia

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